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The Routes of Karabes

“Bene bènnidos in sa terra de is nuraghes e de su mare in colore de cristallu. Natura, istòria, màndigu e ospitalidade, unu bisu chi non finit mai cramadu Sardigna!”.  

“ Welcome to the Terra of Nuraghi and crystal-clear sea water. Nature, history, gastronomy and hospitality, an endless dream named  Sardegna !”.

The Foundation Nurnet and the Incoming Sun Events have planned for you fantastic trails that will take you from the most beautiful coastlines in the world up into the very inner territory, to discover the  mysteries of the stone giants of Mont 'e Prama,  the secrets of longevity of the island's people, the countless  witnesses of a thousand years old civilization, which had its highlight during the nuragic period. We also can't miss to let you taste and enjoy the pleasures of a cuisine of ancient tradition such as Sardinian one is. The paths, which we have listed under the title "The routes of Karabes", can be customized by our organization, according to your own preferences even concerning terms and conditions, adapting them to the wishes of those who appreciate excursions by cycling, by motorcycling, on horseback or even rock climbing.

We are at your disposal if and whenever you wish. Please contact the following references:  +39 070 9177683;   +39 335 8266932


The routes of Karabes

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K1   The Terra of the Sunset
          from € 490,00

K2   The Routes of Tartesso
           from € 545,00

K3   Among the Sinis and the Marmilla
           from € 180,00

K4   Karalis and its Territory
           from € 565,00

K5   In the Heart of the History
           from € 545,00

K6   Nuraghi, Giants and Traditional Tastes
           from € 540,00